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“No better hearing care than at Conejo Hearing Center.”

“Professional, access and knowledge to the latest technological advances in heating aids. Sincere personal care from the front reception desk, the technician testing, through the expert consultation of hearing aids best to suit you with your lifestyle and work. When one purchases hearing aids, foremost you are purchasing the inclusive service and maintenance of those aids.”


“Conejo Hearing Center has changed my life!”

“Christine is an extraordinary professional, who is warm, patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. The dramatic improvement in my hearing has been truly life-changing! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is hard-of-hearing and looking for the best possible hearing improvement from a warm, friendly, caring office. ”


“They are always very responsive and kind.”

“They are very punctual for appointments. Although they have tested me at no charge they applied no pressure to buy a hearing aid. They are always very responsive and kind.”


“Thank you for giving my hearing (and life) back!”

“Just a quick note to let you know how impactful Oticon hearing aids have been for me​܂‎​ In short, they’ve changed my life, much for the better​܂‎​ In addition to dramatically improving my hearing, they’ve allowed me to regain my confidence in responding to others, both socially and professionally, because I’m now certain of what they’ve said to me​܂‎​ They’ve also significantly improved my experience attending business meetings, conversing with family/friends, watching television/movies, etc​܂‎​, etc​܂‎​ Also, the service I’ve received from Conejo Hearing Center in conjunction with the above has been nothing short of outstanding​܂‎​”


“ I was impressed!”

“I was one of those persons who suffered from a hearing loss and was reluctant to do anything about it. My friends encouraged me to purchase hearing aids. Finally, I visited Conejo Hearing Center. I was impressed with the care I was given by the professional and knowledgeable Christine.”


“Tailor made service.”

“I recommend Conejo Hearing Center without reservation. I’m always greeted by name! I like that!”


“I couldn’t be more satisfied with Conejo Hearing Center.”

“They have consistently provided in-depth knowledge and on-going support.”


“You always leave extremely satisfied.”

“The lovely office is a pleasure to visit and their staff are warm and welcoming and very professional as well. Christine is very knowledgeable as an audiologist and is always very adept at adjusting my hearing aids.”


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