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The brain’s auditory cortex performs vital hearing functions. Using your hearing, just like exercising a muscle, makes it stronger and more effective.

and that…

A 25-year study shows hearing aid use can reduce progression of cognitive decline in older adults.

Especially with our growing population of active seniors, it is important to learn how hearing loss relates to cognitive decline. Typically, we think about exercising in terms of walking, hiking, swimming, yoga or working out at the gym. Similarly, it is vital that our brains get “healthy exercise” daily. The auditory cortex is the part of our brain that performs hearing functions and by exercising our hearing, just like muscles, the stronger and more effective it will be.

Research indicates that atrophy of functional brain pathways can negatively impact hearing ability and speech comprehension.

Those with hearing loss may have accelerated rates of cognitive decline and increased risk of dementia as compared to individuals with normal hearing. Since hearing loss can be gradual, many delay getting the necessary testing. With timely evaluation, you will learn if you or your loved ones have auditory issues, such as high frequency loss, which can increase risk and rate of cognitive decline.

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