Communication Wellness Matters

When patterning healthy habits, we often think about physical or mental wellness. With 10’s of millions of Americans having varying degrees of hearing loss, which is associated with an aging population, our society should be more intently focused on Communication Wellness.

While physical wellness generally relates to exercise and mental wellness to state of mind, we endorse greater awareness about how healthy hearing is integral to highly functional and happy lives. Whether in social settings, on the phone or via web-based methods such as Zoom or Skype, our ability to communicate effectively is essential. Further, as healthcare consumers, we need optimal ability to have and comprehend complex medical dialogue. How can we follow detailed care instructions if they are not clearly heard and understood?

In the spirit of Better Hearing and Speech Month, we celebrate the beauty of precious sounds, pleasant conversations and personal connections. From a whole person care perspective, just as expert advice is sought from endocrinologists for diabetes or ophthalmologists for glaucoma, highly skilled audiologists dedicate careers to helping you experience the joy of hearing.

It has been said that “Hearing is one of the body’s five senses, but listening is an art”. When speaking to us about daily challenges in hearing your best, our attentive listening elicits trusted advice which is the right fit.

While advanced hearing devices provide the platform, our personalized solutions are the method. With noisy environments and challenging listening situations common, our specialized ability to guide patients in successfully navigating them is comforting. Just as precise testing equipment enables evidence-based diagnostics, our keen assessment of lifestyle needs ensures you get the maximum benefit from technological features such as artificial intelligence and direct connectivity to mobile phones or home entertainment devices.

In addition, as hearing loss relates closely to other medical conditions such as diabetes, vision loss, dementia and the risk of falls, we will play a vital role in coordinating best practices care with your other healthcare providers.

As we educate our patients about Communication Wellness, we also suggest they and their loved ones consider the Hidden Costs of hearing loss.

You and your loved ones deserve to benefit from a professionally trained audiologist who empathetically provides personalized care. At Conejo Hearing Center, with our years of formal education and decades of experience, you will be happy to hear, for life.

Please call us to schedule your personalized consultation, while also encouraging loved ones, friends and colleagues to do the same. Sharing is caring and they will be glad you did.

The site information is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. To receive personalized advice or treatment, schedule an appointment.
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